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Most people like to watch “Gossip Girl” which is the popular TV programs in America. Whether you are one of the fans of this hit television series, you are surly paying more attention to the fashion accessories worn by these gossip girls. For example, Blake Lively always wears a lot of chic accessories. In this post, let’s see the fabulous and stunning handbags Blake Lively wears.Blake Lively red python handbag

In this picture, we can see that Blake Lively carries a red bag which looks very amazing. The red python design features glossy finish and clean lines. Moreover, this awesome bag goes perfectly with this fashionable outfit.blake lively bottega veneta gross grain bag

Blake Lively carries a gorgeous and luxury Bottega Veneta handbag in this picture. Bottege Veneta is very famous for its leather weaving. What’s more, coppery color is really fabulous. This bag works very well with this casual outfit.

Blake Lively seems usual but gorgeous. The mini floral dress looks very sexy. The Chanel tote is simple but it can work perfectly with the entire outfit.blake lively chanel tote

Blake Lively represents a winter look to us. With the Marcello de Cartier bag, Blake Lively looks very elegant and outstanding. This luxury bag is coveted by most fashionistas. As a matter of fact, Angelina Jolie always carries the same bag for several occasions.gossip girl cartier shopping bag  Marcello de Cartier bag

Blake Lively carries a Carlos Falchi tote which features creamy and wonderful crocodile skin. The beautiful and simplicity neutral color makes this handbag very stunning and gorgeous.

All of the above handbags are very luxury and stunning. If you are also a fashionista, go ahead and buy a chic and trendy handbag which is best for you.

Sarah Jessica Parker is a famous producer and actress. She is very famous for her leading role on the television series “Sex and City”. Perhaps, a lot of people like her very much. Here let’s look at her various handbags.

Cross Body BagSarah Jessica Parker cross body tote

At Paley Center in New York City, Jessica carried her cross body bag to match this white dress. The navy blue handbag was a wonderful and perfect addition to this draped gown and it was a great match to the strappy heels which were very sexy and fashionable.

Leather Shoulder HandbagSarah Jessica Parker leather Shoulder Bags

With her baby in her arms, Sarah carried her convenient and chic cross body bag. This small accessory is really a wonderful and perfect way for this busy mother to keep her arms free to carry several essentials like the adorable daughter.

Leather ClutchSarah Jessica Parker oyster grey clutch

Sarah showed off her oyster grey bag when attending ShoWest. This grey clutch made a contrast to her colorful beaded frock. Sarah looked very charming and attractive with this leather clutch in her hand.

Suede ToteSarah Jessica Parker purple suede tote bag

At one of the Bravo events, Sarah showed off her nude fashion trend on the red carpet. This purple suede bag looked very fashionable and chic. It seemed that Sarah was very satisfied with this suede tote.

Leather ToteSarah Jessica Parker a black leather tote

In this picture, Sarah was sending her little son to school. It seemed that it was very cold. Sarah looked very cozy and comfortable in this black fur coat. In my opinion, the black leather handbag was a great accessory which added glamour to her overall look.

Olivia Palermo is one of the socialites in New York. She is also one of the cast members of the TV series “The City”. If you love her and want to know more information about her, this post is just for you.

Satin ClutchOlivia Palermo black satin bag

Olivia Palermo carried a black satin bag to go well with her multi-textured look. This satin clutch was her perfect accessory which made her look more graceful and gorgeous.

Leather ClutchOlivia Palermo a sleek cream clutch

Olivia Palermo finished her detailed appearance with a cream clutch. Her cream clutch was in sharp contrast to her dark dress. Perhaps, she wanted to catch more attention by this combination.Olivia Palermo a cognac snakeskin clutch

In this picture, Olivia Palermo looked very cool and gentle like a gentleman. She accented her unique Milan Fashion Week outfit with a chic clutch which was made of snakeskin. This Hermes clutch added great glamour to her look.Olivia Palermo a long rectangular snakeskin clutch

With a luxury snakeskin clutch in her hand, Olivia Palermo looked very chic. This clutch was long rectangular and fashionable. What’s more, this black clutch went well with her monochromatic outfit.Olivia Palermo a gorgeous and classic leather bag

While attending the launch of the Mangos’ new collections, Olivia Palermo carried a gorgeous and classic leather bag which was in tan hue. The Mango clutch was the perfect accessory for the autumn season.

Envelope ClutchOlivia Palermo a coveted crocodile jige clutch

Olivia Palermo carried a crocodile Jige bag which was coveted by most women all over the world. Olivia Palermo, street style queen, finished her fashionable fall appearance with a trendy and chic coat which was adorned with luxury fur.

Jennifer Lopez is an American singer, actress, dancer and fashion designer. Many people love her because of her wonderful music and fashion taste. Here let’s enjoy some of her clutches in her daily life. After reading this post, maybe you will fall in love with her as well.

Studded ClutchJennifer Lopez Studded buckle Clutch

Jennifer Lopez paired this stunning sliver dress which featured one-shoulder with a delicate clutch. This gorgeous studded buckle handbag was a wonderful way to accessorize some edge to her appearance.

Hard Case ClutchJennifer Lopez metallic gold Hard Case Clutch

Jennifer Lopez carried this metallic gold handbag which was fashionable and stylish. The hard case clutch complemented her gold accessories.Jennifer Lopez Hard Case Clutch

This sweet Daphne handbag perfectly matched Jennifer’s blush cocktail gown. With this white clutch in her hands, Jennifer Lopez looked very graceful and charming.

Box ClutchJennifer Lopez Box Clutch

Jennifer showed off her magnificent Daniel handbag when hitting a special event in the Beverly Hills. This jeweled handbag was the fabulous and perfect finish to Jennifer’s Georges Chakra dress.Jennifer Lopez Box Clutch

Jennifer Lopez looked very trendy and fashionable in this Armani Prive gown. Meanwhile, she carried a stunning box clutch to match this striking dress.

Beaded CutchJennifer Lopez Beaded Clutch

The shinning beaded handbag accessorized texture, depth and shine to Jennifer Lopez’s overall look.

Oversized ClutchJennifer Lopez Oversized Clutch

There are a lot of people adoring Jennifer Lopez’s beaded and metallic oversized clutch. Here let’s look at one of her oversized clutches. It made her outstanding and attractive. Frankly speaking, this oversized clutch was an absolutely perfect accessory.Jennifer Lopez BLACK Oversized Clutch

This was another oversized clutch for Jennifer Lopez. This pleated black handbag went well with her black ensemble.

Satin ClutchJennifer Lopez Satin Clutch

At Academy Awards, Jennifer carried a satin clutch. This silver satin bag made her look more attractive and outstanding.

Kim Kardashian is crazy about fashion and style. She has a wide range of designer clutches in her wardrobe.

Hard Case ClutchKim Kardashian Clutches Hard Case Clutch

Kim Kardashian adds a luxury finish to her appearance with a Knuckle Duster bag which features gold hardware.Kim Kardashian Clutches Hard Case Clutch

Kim Kardashian, one of the socialites, carries a black geometric clutch to finish her fashionable printed outfit.

Satin ClutchKim Kardashian Clutches Satin Clutch

Kim Kardashian carries a delicate black satin bag to go well with her fabulous gown.Kim Kardashian Clutches Satin Clutch

The black bag is perfectly paired with a bright-colored dress.Kim Kardashian Clutches black Satin Clutch

Kim paired her white and black dress with her satin clutch.

Printed ClutchKim Kardashian Clutches Printed Clutch

Kim Kardashian gives a special touch to her black appearance with a feminine leopard print bag.Kim Kardashian Clutches designer Printed Clutch

She pairs her casual appearance with a clutch which is made of snakeskin, and black boots absolutely complete her appearance.Kim Kardashian Clutches leopard Printed Clutch

She pairs her special sharp look with the hottest leopard print clutch.

Box ClutchKim Kardashian Clutches Box Clutch

Kim pairs her nude dress with a peach-colored box clutch.Kim Kardashian Clutches Box Clutch

Kim Kardashian always looks very charming and outstanding on red carpet. With a studded box bag in her hand, she looks more graceful.

Studded ClutchKim Kardashian Clutches Studded Clutch

Kim pairs her futuristic gown with a studded bag.Kim Kardashian Clutches black Studded Clutch

Kim carries a studded clutch to match her black jumpsuit very well.Kim Kardashian Clutches bold color Studded Clutch

In this picture, Kim shows off her seductive curves in a coral gown, which Kim pairs with a studded clutch.

Leather ClutchKim Kardashian Clutches Leather Clutch

Kim carries her lovely black leather bag while going out with her friend Lala. She wears a wonderful blazer and ankle strap high heels to go well with the leather clutch.Kim Kardashian Clutches black Leather Clutch

Kim accessorizes her mini gown with a leather clutch. The simple clutch complements her high heels and looks very polished and sophisticated.Kim Kardashian Clutches Patent Leather Clutch

Kim attends her interview with a leather bag in her hand. The stylish clutch complements her pumps.Kim Kardashian Clutches white Leather Clutch

Kim carries a white leather clutch to go well with her sleek white gown.Kim Kardashian Clutches Leather purse

This classic leather bag stores Kim’s lots of credit cards.

Metallic ClutchKim Kardashian Clutches Metallic Clutch

While going out with her boyfriend Austin Miles, Kim carries a metallic clutch.Kim Kardashian Clutches Metallic Clutch

The python clutch is perfect to dress up Kim’s hot look.

Quilted ClutchKim Kardashian Clutches Quilted Clutch

Kim pairs her lovely jacket with the black clutch.