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Most people like to watch “Gossip Girl” which is the popular TV programs in America. Whether you are one of the fans of this hit television series, you are surly paying more attention to the fashion accessories worn by these gossip girls. For example, Blake Lively always wears a lot of chic accessories. In this post, let’s see the fabulous and stunning handbags Blake Lively wears.Blake Lively red python handbag

In this picture, we can see that Blake Lively carries a red bag which looks very amazing. The red python design features glossy finish and clean lines. Moreover, this awesome bag goes perfectly with this fashionable outfit.blake lively bottega veneta gross grain bag

Blake Lively carries a gorgeous and luxury Bottega Veneta handbag in this picture. Bottege Veneta is very famous for its leather weaving. What’s more, coppery color is really fabulous. This bag works very well with this casual outfit.

Blake Lively seems usual but gorgeous. The mini floral dress looks very sexy. The Chanel tote is simple but it can work perfectly with the entire outfit.blake lively chanel tote

Blake Lively represents a winter look to us. With the Marcello de Cartier bag, Blake Lively looks very elegant and outstanding. This luxury bag is coveted by most fashionistas. As a matter of fact, Angelina Jolie always carries the same bag for several occasions.gossip girl cartier shopping bag  Marcello de Cartier bag

Blake Lively carries a Carlos Falchi tote which features creamy and wonderful crocodile skin. The beautiful and simplicity neutral color makes this handbag very stunning and gorgeous.

All of the above handbags are very luxury and stunning. If you are also a fashionista, go ahead and buy a chic and trendy handbag which is best for you.

Chanel handbags always are regarded as the status symbols. From its beginning in 1955, we always see most wealthy people or celebrities carrying Chanel bags. However, in modern society, there are more and more women wearing Chanel bags.

Chanel Chinese Doll ClutchChanel Shanghai Accessories

What a lovely bag she is! Her cute name is Chanel Chinese Doll Clutch. Perhaps, you have seen a mini movie “Paris Shanghai, A Fantasy”. This mini film tells us more about Chanel bags that Coco Chanel has a dream of traveling to China. It is just a prelude of “Paris Shanghai”. As a famous designer, Karl Lagerfeld always shocks us with his designs. He has never been to the city of Shanghai before. However, by his rich imagination and thinking, he designed the collection which can show us the perfect skills of Chanel ateliers to create a French luxury. Here you can see this outstanding bag.

Chanel Casette Clutchchanel clutch

This clutch is created several years ago. Perhaps, you can think that this bag is very eccentric. At first glance, I also feel that it is very strange and I don’t know why Chanel releases this type of clutches. Frankly speaking, it is difficult to believe that this bag comes from Chanel. This bag looks like a real cassette which is quite different from other bags. However, it is very functional and practical. It easily can be carried, and its capacity is very suitable for some necessary items for your daily use.

Lady Gaga always shocks us with extraordinary cosmetics and costume nowadays! Do you want to follow her?

Chanel bag is one of the most coveted accessories for most women. Even the famous celebrities can’t resist lure to own a luxurious black Chanel bag. A great number of celebrities carry a variety of black Chanel bags appearing in public, without exception, are really wonderful and fabulous.

Black Chanel bags have a feeling of luxury and leisure. With Logo of “double C” and delicate metal chain, black Chanel bags are very different from others.

Lauren ConradLauren Conrad with a black Chanel bag

Lauren Conrad wore her black Chanel purse to attend various activities. Her Chanel was made of lambskin. Here she wore it with fringed boots and jeans, which gave us a feeling of nobleness and luxury.

Michelle Tratchenbergmichelle tratchenberg with her chanel flap purse

With a classic black Chanel bag and a nice scarf, Michelle looked very attractive. The black Chanel is classic so that it has become a legend of designer bags.

Katy Perrykaty perry chanel purse

Katy Perry is always serious. In this picture, she wore her sexy pantyhose and show little skin. The black Chanel bag finished her look and made she look more demure and sophisticated.

Mischa BartonMischa Barton walking the dog with a chanel handbag

Mischa Barton wore a black Chanel bag and a black coat in a casual way, which made her look graceful.

Kim Kardashiankim kardashian with a chanel bag

She seemed to be good at dressing. She always knew how to be hot and seductive even in gym clothes. She showed us a casual and great appearance. I had no idea about the price of her gym clothes, but there was a wonderful accessory – a black Chanel bag. This bag was made from lambskin leather and featured a quitted stitching.

If you also desire to have a black Chanel bag to show your fashionable taste and special personality, go ahead!

Louis Vuitton is a famous brand all around the world. It is famous for its superb quality and fabulous design. Louis Vuitton handbags and purses have been preferred by most women over any other stylish handbags. As a matter of fact, we also find that there are a lot of Hollywood stars and some other celebrities with Louis Vuitton purses or handbags in their hands.Louis Handbags with Women Styles

Louis Vuitton lunches new products every year. The wonderful style of handbags is very attractive and popular. These fashionable handbags are welcomed by women as well as men.louis vuitton purses 2011 spring summer collection

This year, various clutch purses are very popular with most women. All of the basic designs, plain colorways and unique patterns are contributing to the versatile and fashionable purses.Louis Vuitton handbags 2011

The Monogram Demin Sunshine handbag is very popular. It is also my favorite handbag. This sunshine bag is stylish, functional and casual. And it has a wonderful name Sunshine. I love it very much.louis vuitton monogram empreinte handbags

Let’s look at the Empreinte collection. These bags come in various colors like burgundy, cream, taupe, navy and dark blue. The above bag is very sophisticated, chic and spacious. It is made of embossed calf leather with some smooth leather trimmings. It is a fabulous tote bag. There are golden brass pieces and luxuriously ornate handle creating a beautiful and refined look.louis vuitton monogram empreinte handbags 2011

With supple calf leather and graphic Monogram design, this bag in the picture is very popular.louis vuitton monogram empreinte bags

If you have a chance to try these handbags, just go ahead. These stylish handbags can make you very adorable and elegant.

As we all know, Louis Vuitton is the symbol of fashion with its excellent quality, outstanding creativity and exquisite crafts. Today, let’s enjoy some beautiful Louis Vuitton bags which are very similar with the Marc Jacobs handbags. These bags show luxurious with the retro style and eye-catching colors.Louis Vuitton purple handbags

Marc Jacobs, a famous designer, who paid more attention to the chain handbags and clutches handbags. There are not any classic flower patterns on these handbags, which makes these handbags a little bit different from other designer handbags. Therefore, it is not easy to know whether Louis Vuitton fans could love these new handbags or not. The clutch in the above handbag goes well with the eye-catching and shinning purple color. There is a metal fringe on its cover to highlight the luxurious tastes. And the leather strap is very useful. It is very thin so that it can easily to hang the handbag on your waist, which make you look more graceful.Louis Vuitton flower pattern handbags

It seems that Marc Jacobs like purple color very much. Maybe he believes that purple color shows a sense of romantic and noble. There is the famous Louis Vuitton flower pattern on the above handbag. And the cover is made of velvet. Moreover, there are purple leather and crocodile texture circling the cover. In view of this, this handbag is very durable.Louis Vuitton handbags with textures of Chinese costume

This handbag is as shinning as the Chinese dress. There are a lot of Chinese custom textures which are embroidered on this bag. The design of this handbag is the same with some traditional Chinese costume, which always recalls most people the ancient emperor’s dragon robe.Louis Vuitton bags with orange cover

The classic black color goes well with the attractive orange cover. And the string strap often gives us an elegant and noble feeling.