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Kim Kardashian black leather tote bags Hermes bags

It was said that Kim Kardashian carried her “Birkin” tote bag all over the world. It is difficult to believe that she only carried this bag for all of her travels. Perhaps, she loved this bag, and this bag could give her good mood.Kim Kardashian a tan leather Balenciaga bag

Kim Kardashian paired her platform heels with a tan tote bag. This leather tote was a wonderful spring time accessory. It finished her delicate look.

Kim Kardashian pricey bagThe beautiful Kim Kardashian carried one of her “Birkin” handbags when shopping on stylish Robertson Blvd. Starbucks in one hand and a luxury tote bag in the other. How elegant and charming she was!Kim Kardashian birkin white bag

As we all know, “Birkin” bags are the extreme status symbols for all of the female fashionistas. Because of the high price, a lot of common women don’t have a chance to own them. But Kim Kardishian was one of the fashionable celebrities who owned these luxury bags. She toted a white bag which showed pure and fresh.Kim Kardashian army green tote bag

Kim Kardishian carried an army green tote bag while coming out of nail salon. It seemed that there were a lot of things in this bag. That’s the reason why these tote bags were so popular. They are spacious enough to store a lot of important things like the credit cards, important documents and cosmetics and so on.Kim Kardashian stunning monogrammed metallic tote bag

This was a metallic tote bag. Kim showed off the printed colorful day dress. This stunning tote bag went very well with her day dress. It was equally sparkling and amazing. This Louis Vuitton was very wonderful and charming.