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Chanel handbags always are regarded as the status symbols. From its beginning in 1955, we always see most wealthy people or celebrities carrying Chanel bags. However, in modern society, there are more and more women wearing Chanel bags.

Chanel Chinese Doll ClutchChanel Shanghai Accessories

What a lovely bag she is! Her cute name is Chanel Chinese Doll Clutch. Perhaps, you have seen a mini movie “Paris Shanghai, A Fantasy”. This mini film tells us more about Chanel bags that Coco Chanel has a dream of traveling to China. It is just a prelude of “Paris Shanghai”. As a famous designer, Karl Lagerfeld always shocks us with his designs. He has never been to the city of Shanghai before. However, by his rich imagination and thinking, he designed the collection which can show us the perfect skills of Chanel ateliers to create a French luxury. Here you can see this outstanding bag.

Chanel Casette Clutchchanel clutch

This clutch is created several years ago. Perhaps, you can think that this bag is very eccentric. At first glance, I also feel that it is very strange and I don’t know why Chanel releases this type of clutches. Frankly speaking, it is difficult to believe that this bag comes from Chanel. This bag looks like a real cassette which is quite different from other bags. However, it is very functional and practical. It easily can be carried, and its capacity is very suitable for some necessary items for your daily use.

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