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Kim Kardashian is crazy about fashion and style. She has a wide range of designer clutches in her wardrobe.

Hard Case ClutchKim Kardashian Clutches Hard Case Clutch

Kim Kardashian adds a luxury finish to her appearance with a Knuckle Duster bag which features gold hardware.Kim Kardashian Clutches Hard Case Clutch

Kim Kardashian, one of the socialites, carries a black geometric clutch to finish her fashionable printed outfit.

Satin ClutchKim Kardashian Clutches Satin Clutch

Kim Kardashian carries a delicate black satin bag to go well with her fabulous gown.Kim Kardashian Clutches Satin Clutch

The black bag is perfectly paired with a bright-colored dress.Kim Kardashian Clutches black Satin Clutch

Kim paired her white and black dress with her satin clutch.

Printed ClutchKim Kardashian Clutches Printed Clutch

Kim Kardashian gives a special touch to her black appearance with a feminine leopard print bag.Kim Kardashian Clutches designer Printed Clutch

She pairs her casual appearance with a clutch which is made of snakeskin, and black boots absolutely complete her appearance.Kim Kardashian Clutches leopard Printed Clutch

She pairs her special sharp look with the hottest leopard print clutch.

Box ClutchKim Kardashian Clutches Box Clutch

Kim pairs her nude dress with a peach-colored box clutch.Kim Kardashian Clutches Box Clutch

Kim Kardashian always looks very charming and outstanding on red carpet. With a studded box bag in her hand, she looks more graceful.

Studded ClutchKim Kardashian Clutches Studded Clutch

Kim pairs her futuristic gown with a studded bag.Kim Kardashian Clutches black Studded Clutch

Kim carries a studded clutch to match her black jumpsuit very well.Kim Kardashian Clutches bold color Studded Clutch

In this picture, Kim shows off her seductive curves in a coral gown, which Kim pairs with a studded clutch.

Leather ClutchKim Kardashian Clutches Leather Clutch

Kim carries her lovely black leather bag while going out with her friend Lala. She wears a wonderful blazer and ankle strap high heels to go well with the leather clutch.Kim Kardashian Clutches black Leather Clutch

Kim accessorizes her mini gown with a leather clutch. The simple clutch complements her high heels and looks very polished and sophisticated.Kim Kardashian Clutches Patent Leather Clutch

Kim attends her interview with a leather bag in her hand. The stylish clutch complements her pumps.Kim Kardashian Clutches white Leather Clutch

Kim carries a white leather clutch to go well with her sleek white gown.Kim Kardashian Clutches Leather purse

This classic leather bag stores Kim’s lots of credit cards.

Metallic ClutchKim Kardashian Clutches Metallic Clutch

While going out with her boyfriend Austin Miles, Kim carries a metallic clutch.Kim Kardashian Clutches Metallic Clutch

The python clutch is perfect to dress up Kim’s hot look.

Quilted ClutchKim Kardashian Clutches Quilted Clutch

Kim pairs her lovely jacket with the black clutch.