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As we all know, there are a great number of women’s handbags available in the market nowadays. Among these various styles and designs, clutches are the most popular with most women. They are pretty different from others since they can be not used every day. In addition, they possess no straps or handles. There are some clutches possessing leather straps or detachable chains. If you don’t want to hold them, you can choose these clutches.Luxury Clutch Handbags

Silver ClutchSilver Clutch

This clutch bag has the typical silver color. It looks scintillating and brilliant. It is one of the most popular handbags for some special occasions where just a simple accessory such as a purse or a handbag can become a charming jewel to match your outfit.

White Silk Clutch from Oscar De La RentaWhite Silk Clutch from Oscar De La Renta

This clutch bag has a detachable chain. With ribbon embroidery, this clutch bag looks very elegant and classic in appearance. In a word, it is a well-designed accessory to help women to beautify themselves.

Metallic and Jeweled ClutchMetallic and Jeweled Clutch

This clutch is very dazzling with rhinestones and metallic leather. If you just want to hold this bag, you can tuck away the chain into bag and turn it to a clutch. Anyway, it can really make you more graceful and elegant.

Purple Silk Clutch BagPurple Silk Clutch Bag

This purple silk clutch is an exclusive luxury bag. With luxury silk, superb quality and excellent craftsmanship, this clutch bag is very attractive and welcomed by most women.

Magnolias ClutchMagnolias Clutch

This gorgeous clutch handbag features huge magnolias which are in various shades of red and pink on a light background. You can carry this bag for occasions both day and night.

If you desire to purchase one of those above, go ahead!