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Just the other day, I found some creative and unusual handbags on internet. Probably, you haven’t seen them. Here I’d like to share top 10 of them with you.

disturbing handbagcreative handbags 2011

At first sight, these handbags are a little bit terrible. In fact, they are created based on some animals. Perhaps, some people can choose this kind of handbags. For me, they are not lovely and cute. Do you like these handbags? If you like to experience new things, you can have a try.kathleen dustin handbags

These creative handbags have unique surfaces and designs. The creator is Kathleen Dustin. She created these handbags in a special baroque style. Some handbags look like flowers, some like fruits and some like brushes. There are a variety of designs for these handbags. You can enjoy them.Laura Buccellati handbags

This Laura Buccellati bag gives us a kind of noble feeling.Serpui Marie bags

I love this Serpui Marie handbag very much. This handbag reminds me of my beautiful keyborard hadnbag

This keyboard handbag is welcomed by many men. Perhaps, they think that this handbag can make them more smart and fashionable.ugly toad purse

I believe that hardly anybody likes this ugly handbag.

flower handbagball handbag for wedding

Special occasions need special handbags. There are two different types of handbags. These handbags are quite perfect for special events or weddings. If you need these special bags, you can choose a suitable one.